FT (3 yrs) Operations Manager at Northcott

  • Oversight of homelessness support teams, HR, OH&S, Quality Improvement responsibilities
  • Supervisory experience, people skills, community sector knowledge & passion
  • Position summary: This new Operations Manager will be an additional member of the Management Team which currently comprises the CEO, Operations Manager (Broadmeadows) and the Operations Manager (Northcote). The Management Team has a very collegiate dynamic, resulting in a supportive and inclusive culture. Having regard for and providing leadership for the whole agency is seen as appropriate, beyond the delegated responsibility for allocated portfolios. The Operations Manager will provide a line management leadership role for the following program areas:
    • Crisis Response Program (3.5 FTE)
    • Catchment Youth Refuge (4.6 FTE)
    • Youth and Families team (1.0 FTE)
    • Transitional Outreach Support Team (3.5 FTE)
    • Banyule Housing Support (2 FTE)
    • Intensive Case Management Initiative (0.8 FTE)
    The four key portfolios listed below are the responsibility of the Management Team. Each manager contributes to carriage of each portfolio.
    • Finance
    • Accreditation/Quality
    • Workplace Health and Safety
    • Human Resources
    • Research and Development (proposed)
    MOSS is looking to maintain, improve and develop the services that we provide to consumers. We operate in an environment where there is an ever increasing expectation of professional service delivery, participation in the changes taking place in the Home and Community Care sector and the Homelessness Service System. This is the environment which the Operations Manager can anticipate at MOSS.

    The Operations Manager will be assigned a shared responsibility for Accreditation/Quality portfolio. Continuous Quality Improvement is positively embedded throughout the Agency through the work of its very representative Quality Council and structures linking the whole Agency.

    The Operations Manager will take a proactive approach to Workplace Health and Safety particularly across their respective service delivery program areas of responsibility. They will be supported by the Manager holding the portfolio of OH&S.

    The Operations Manager would take a lead in recruitment and human resources management program areas for programs they directly oversee, with support from the manager holding the HR portfolio and Administration.

    The mix of areas responsibilities and portfolios assumed by the Operations Manager will be subject to ongoing negotiation within the Management Team according to strengths, skills and interests. The Team formally meets regularly and be expected to continue its high degree of cohesion.

    A full position description is attached below.

    Supporting materials Operations Manager PD with KSC new Northcote role 19102016.pdf
    Strategic Plan 2011-16 final.pdf

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