At Auswalk you will get to guide multi day walking tours across Australia through our most amazing national parks: the Daintree, Uluru, Cradle Mountain, Kakadu, Alpine National Park, Blue Mountains, Bay of Fires, Larapinta, Cape to Cape, Grampians, Gold Coast Hinterland, the list goes on and on. See our website for more details. There's no covering the same terrain 52 times a year, perhaps once or up to 5 times at the most. What's more is that our clients are just fantastic people to walk and be with.
- You'll be carrying a day pack as there is no camping.
- You'll stay in comfortable accommodation, eat great food, almost always cooked by a chef (rare occasions we cook), you'll have a cooked breakfast and lunch prepared for you.
- It is not unusual for our guides to send us spectacular pictures of the track they are on with the caption "you pay me for this".
This is what we need.
- You will need to care about safety that's number
- You will also have to care about people. In fact you're going to have to be the type of person who loves being with people to fit in around here. That's really important to us. Being enthusiastic, upbeat and passionate about what you do is also number 1.
- You'll need to be reasonably fit as we can walk up to 28km a day, but on average it's 15kms or a lot less if you have the slow group. The crew in the office are switched on professionals so attention to detail is going to be paramount to your success.
- Our customers love the interpretation of the surrounds but only to a point, so you will need to be interested in walking and nature and it would be better to at least have some knowledge of the great outdoors. We have more female clients than men and they are mostly over 55 so don't be afraid to apply if you are, let's say a little more experienced.
You must have the following qualifications:

- Light rigid Vehicle license
- Advanced First Aid
- Driver accreditation
- We would like to see some history that you like what we do, be able to walk and have enough life experience to be able to work with our guests who can sometimes be way over 55.
Preferable qualifications:
- Outdoors/Wildlife guiding qualification or experience of some kind.
- We are happy to bring you in slowly if you are working for another company. In any case the process of training will take some time.
- We are flexible in what we are looking for, however in the end our goal is to develop you into a head guide . We need somebody that really wants to stay.

We pay for everything on a training trip except your time, it's a free holiday if choose not to continue. Conditions will be consummate to skill level and discussed at time of interview.
Send us a resume, a cover letter letting us know something about you and a current picture of your good self, so we can begin to picture what it's going to be like working with you.

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